Guaranteed rentals available for properties

2017 is a new beginning for many property owners , new regulations , Brexit , increasing costs and online fraud are causing concern for owners who have traditionally used the simple DIY holiday rental system. The portals and websites are now obliged to display licence numbers and cooperate with the authorities in the Andalucian region, so what does this mean for the owner.

Get a licence , the authorities are overwhelmed by the initial response and there are areas where licence applications have been capped . Your property will be a better investment with a licence you may wish to sell to an investor in the future.

Get an agent , police reports , complaint books, appliance instructions along with other requirements will mean a lot of leg work in resort and the friendly neighbour /cleaner may not wish to get involved.

Try a new system , we offer a guaranteed rental for apartments and villas, no risk , reduction in costs and no long term tenants. contact for assistance and a free evaluation of your property.


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